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Monday, 3 June 2013

Out with the Old

If both of my previous post about the increment of the minimum retirement age seemed to be on the positive outlook of the scale, now I shall bombard it with one big fucking reason why it is actually such a no-no, and inconsiderate to a point.

Tell me, why the heck would you want to raise the age of retirement for these people from 55/56 to 60 instead? This would cause most of the senior workers hold on more tightly to their position in the company or corporation and would not let it go slipping by just like. They in turn will occupy the companies employee slots while all the young graduates/undergraduates are still working as hard as they can to secure a career opportunity.

Think about it. If you still wishes to keep those old prunes in your company, then how about those young brilliant minds out there that are wasted on the streets or probably somewhere barren? It's time to let go of those walkers and let the old ones rest and relax at the comfort of their own home (who knows? I'm just guessing). We need to free up those spaces, leaving it vacant and up for replacement. Replacement of the younger generations, the leaders of tomorrow. Think about it, there are far too many veteran workers out there that are still occupying the spaces for development while those are actually capable of those-said-development aren't being offered jobs because of the old ones.

These young new meat are always better. Like how fish tastes better the fresher they are, the same can be said for labour workers. Bring in fresh new face into the corporation. As we all know, younger generations nowadays are much more intelligent than their predecessor. These new 'fresh fish' might even help to improve the service of the company such as bringing fresh new ideas to the table. Creative, innovative, and excellent new ideas to possible ascertain an upgrade of your overall productivity. It may be in the forms of new concept for a better way to tackle clients, new representation of the company's image to attract more customers, or even a new managerial procedures to ameliorate the old, rustic standard of procedures.

Wouldn't you agree that maybe it's time to give these youngster a chance to prove themselves to us? The youth should be given a chance to deliver excellent performance based on their potential and competence, instead of keeping the old bag in the office for longer periods without bringing any profit to the company. Sometimes it's better like that. Besides, how long do you intend to keep these post-middle-aged individual lingering around the workplace? Do you guys intend to keep them at work until they finally drop dead on their desk???