Friday, 28 June 2013

Spicy Chicken McWrap

I've been nagging for the past two weeks already that I wanted to eat the new Spicy Chicken McWrap. And fortunately, I was able to sate my  craving for it this afternoon. When I went out to Sogo as usual during my Friday lunch break, I did not wander around here and there as usual, but went straight to McDonald, get in the seriously vexatious line, and ordered the wrap there and then.

At last.....
Okay, verdict?
It's awesome.

*chuckle* That's not fair. I'm not giving it enough justice. So, close your eyes (don't literally close your eyes), and imagine the sensation, when you take the first chomp of the wrap, the tender juices of the chicken meat will be all over inside your mouth, completely mesh with the tangy mayo as a base coat for the taste. Then comes the crunchy, spicy chicken filling with shreds of crispy greens, popping and snapping away with every chew from your teeth.

Can you vividly imagine it already? I hope with the ability of the right hemisphere of your brain paired with your unparalleled senses, you'd be drooling by now. Hahahahaha!

Gastronomically, it's fucking delicious. But as far as my experience goes, it took me quite some time to actually finish it. I was savouring every bite, chewing for more than 10 times (as part of my current indigestion problem), and by the time I was halfway through the wrap, I was pretty fucking full. It's true what they say. Just one wrap would be enough to keep you full for the day. Well, at least until before dinner though. Buy one for brunch, and then just go about the day. Unless you work consists of heavy labour, then no. One won't be enough for the day.

But yeah, in all, it's so damn motherfucking good. Faiz even finish it in just a couple of minutes. Well, he's different than yours truly of course. He could wallop and swallow that thing in a couple of seconds, if he wanted to. I think you should take this as a compliment, Faiz. Hahaha!!!

By this time, I guessed everyone already tasted this McWrap already, right? I'm a bit late on posting this though. Jusqu'à puis, adieu.