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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Prolific-less Day

Like I said, if there was a time..... blah blah blah... today would be the day. Today was actually my first day working at the Royal Lake Club as their newly appointed Events & Entertainment Junior Executive. I know, flashy title, but my workload is more like an assistant to my manager, the real E & E Department Manager. I've read my job spec and you should seen how my jaw dropped looking at the amounts of work that I'm supposed to do.

And so I prepared myself today when I came to the office, dead set on the idea that it'll be hectic and my work would be there piling like mountains waiting for me to through them. Surprisingly, when I was directed to my room (yes, I have my own room. Not a cubicle, but a room), the only thing waiting for me there was just a big desk with nothing on top. Except for the phone line of course.

My manager asked me to study on the company's past newsletters (the layouts, the positioning of pages, the advertisement clause, the types of articles, etc) while she goes to a meeting. She told me that once the meeting is done, she'll get back to me on what task should I start doing since I am without experience and have no clue on what should I do. 

And so I waited..................... the whole morning until it was almost lunch time but she still haven't check back on me. When I finally went out for lunch, I bumped into her and asked about my task. She told me that since there's no computer in my room and the IT department still haven't done setting up, I can't do anything yet. And so she asked me to just wait around for a while.

I practically waited the whole day today waiting to do something but instead I've got nothing to do except drive myself to boredom of nothing to do. At some time, I actually fell asleep while reading the newsletter because it was fucking cold. The room's temperature was actually around 19 to 20 celsius the whole time.

Man......... If only I'd knew, I would have brought something to read to pass by the time or probably just brought over my laptop so that I could maybe watch some animes or movies rather than just waste my time away like that. Seriously, I wouldn't even like to admit it but today I totally wasted my time doing absolutely nothing productive.

And since the company had already administrated a new timetable for all the workers where they no longer need to come to work half-day on Saturday, the remaining hours are added daily so that instead of eight working hours (9am-5pm) daily, it became nine hours (9am-6pm) instead. Can you imagine the nerve-wrecking moments I had when I kept waiting for the clock to strikes 6 o'clock but time seemed not to be on your side and minutes go by as fucking slow as it can. 

And the fact that I'm on a low budget phase of the month, I only had breakfast. And that was it. No meals for lunch either. So by the time it was already late in the afternoon, I was getting hungry by the hour. My mind had already ventured home, raiding the pantry for maggie and cooking it to perfection. Finally, after hours of non-prolific moments, the clock strikes 6pm. I rushed outside to punched out, and zoomed back home on my motorbike.

Speaking of, I still haven't eaten and I pretty famished already. Going to get myself some dinner now. Til then, Happy Working, bitches and bastards.