Friday, 6 December 2013

Terengganu : Y&Z Wedding | Part 2

So, on the morning of 22nd November, both Faiz and I set our foot at Damai LRT Station to pick up our rented car at about 10am over. That was the agreed time in which the owner wanted us to come and pick it up, but apparently these guys don't know that punctuality and tardiness don't mix. We had to wait for until it was 11pm over that this guy finally came over to deliver the car. I don't know whether this was the practice or what but apparently the car was really low on gas when we got it. Thankfully there's a nearby petrol station. Well, I can't say much about on the road trip since it's a long drive... Except that we missed a turn when we reached into Port Kuantan...

And that MILO sucks so bad. I don't know what jacked up motherfucker would come up with the idea of making a song for a Milo ad. We don't know how many times that we had to listen to the mother effing ad on the radio on our way to Terengganu. It was really annoying.

With only one pit stop at the Temerloh R&R, Faiz drove all the way from KL to Marang in one shot. Though we did stop by Pantai Kelulut before we reached Marang.

Yana suggested the location since we had made it to Terengganu so quickly. And I tell you, the sea breeze is just amazing. That moment is what both of us have been waiting for all these while. A fresh air from the city's polluted air. Being a Water sign (Scorpio), I just feel so at ease by the beach.

Guess what, the homestay that Yana had rented for us is awesomely large and dorm-like. There were many beds for us to choose from and it was just amazing. Moving on to the next agenda, the wedding on the 23rd November.

It really is just a small wedding for relatives and closest of friends. It's not much and not really the grandest but that is what I prefer for my own wedding. Assuming I'd get married. *rolls eyes* Well, in the mean time, just take a gander at these pictures. Not exactly amazing photography skills, but I settle.

Faiz ended up being a choreographer for Zack who is really not much of a poser. Thankfully, the photographer was open for suggestions from us. Credit to Shukur Hulu the photographer. He was their official photographer.. not these ones that I took. Amateur work, okay?

On the next day, 24th November, we finally got the chance to have both the bride and groom to ourselves. And for those who didn't know, they're officially married mid year this year. This time around is just the wedding... so, no, we did not disturb their honeymoon or whatever. Hahahaha.

Our first destination was to pantai something.... I've forgotten.... *facepalm* where we had this delicious Yunan Chickan Rice.

The owner, which is somewhat like a nyonya auntie is really awesome. We were walking to our table and she just walked beside us, asked for our orders and just poof went to get our food ready. And we hadn't even sat down yet. By the time we sat down on our table, all of the foods were delivered in split seconds. Now, that's customer service. Hahahahaha!!!!

After lunch, we went to this Pasar Besar Kedai Payang, where they sell a lot of merchandises for tourist, as Yana suggested. Even though I have never really bought anything for my family when I went on a holiday before, I had to say, this could be the start of a new bad habit. Shopping like crazy during a holiday. Hahahahaha.

I did score a few good deals though. I got a T-shirt for my lil bro, and four kaftans: two for my mom and two for my sis. And two tees for me, of course.

Look, Red-Bull seludup~!!! Hahahaha!

Bas antik tuuu!!!

We also went to this place, where I once again, have forgotten what it's called. See, this is the bad thing about me. Back when I used a smartphone, I would always check-in at places and so I would know the places. And now that I'm just using a regular old phone, I'm completely non-savvy. Anyway, this particular beach area is known for their "celup tepung" snacks. 

There are actually a lot more restaurants by the beach that offers these kinds of treats but we chose this one because it wasn't too packed with a lot of other customers like the rest.

But I have to say, it really wasn't so bad at all. They're quite tasty. They've got sting-rays, fishes, squids, prawns, the standard banana ones, and also the famous 'cendawan goreng'. You could probably compare them to the crispiness of any tempura-based batter dishes. After our tea-time treats of deep-fried batter seafood, we went for a stroll down by the beach.

And I guess that's pretty much it. We went to just a locale 'ikan bakar' restaurant for dinner. It's not delicious. And after that it was slumber time and by the next morning of 25th November, all four of us went to Pantai Kelulut for breakfast before Faiz and I finally get our big bums back to KL. Well, I wish that I had more interesting thing to talk about our trip to Terengganu, but there really isn't.