Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Santa Claus : A Christmas Wonder

Xmas comes again merrily this year. By now, everywhere around Malaysia, particularly in the city of miscreants and misfits, Kuala Lumpur, Christmas is welcomed jubilantly with bright red and greens encompassing of twinkling lights and decorations. I need not delve into what kind of decorations there are since it's an extraneous task listing down or mentioning about. But this time I would like you all to lend me your cognitive processor and bear with my "why" questions about the jolly old men in red himself.
Who you ask? Saint Nicholas, or most commonly known as Santa Claus himself. You'd be a bloody fool not to know who is he by now. I mean, the lad's a celebrity (---joking of course)! The argument here is the question that most children ask to their parents when they're in doubt about Santa's existence is whether he is real or not.

This question always bugs parents all around the world, be it those who celebrate this auspicious holiday traditionally or even conventionally. The struggle here is whether to tell the truth, ruining the childhood and the spirit of hope, faith and spiritual beliefs that they hold, 
tell a little white lie which eventually leads to a big one that delude the children about endless hoping, blind faith, and superstitious beliefs ---- ultimately putting the parents themselves in a bigger jam of trying to please the children with ridiculous Christmas request and having to deal with an array of questions about Santa Claus know-how and what-not.

Whichever they would choose is totally up to them, as parents have the right to educate their own children the way they see fit. Moving to the adult perception of Santa Claus though, some people refuses to acknowledge the existence of Father Christmas only because they haven't seen the actual person himself. Ignore the old fool sitting down on the big velvety chair in the middle your mall giving out presents to the children anywhere you might see them because it is obvious that they're just ordinary people in costumes. You can even sit in front of your fireplace or next to the chimney all night and you will never see him. But that doesn't justify the belief that Santa Claus isn't real.

If you trace back through history, or check out entries on Santa Claus in Wikipedia, you can find many interpretation and origins of Saint Nicholas, but that is what I want you guys to understand in this post. Human kind believes only to the things that they see and that is sagaciously comprehensible. But just because  it isn't visible to the naked eye doesn't mean they're not there. Take angels for example; we can't see them with our own eyes, but we know they exist in our world, concealed by a thick veil between the human world and the ethereal world. Another example would be the fairies. We know they're there, dancing through the meadows and fluttering in the lush green forests, yet many haven't been lucky enough to actually see these jubilant sprites out and about. The same could be said for Santa Claus and his elves too. 

Here I shall take tWhe excerpt from New York Sun's dated September 21, 1897 written by Francis Pharcellus Church replying to Virginia O' Hanlon who asked him "is there a Santa Claus?"

He also stated that be it that people may still not believe if they don't see it, Santa Claus himself is the personification of Christmas itself. The spirit of Christmas, in all the joys, the laughter, the merry, the warmth, the love, and the blessing. The marvel and wonders of Christmas is the spirit of believing in miracles and the celebration of a hallowed Saturnalia. Oh how dreadful Christmas would be if people no longer believed in Santa Claus. It is because of Santa Claus brings a touch of magic to the celebration, of how jolly the looks of the children when they eagerly awaits their present at night and came storming down to open their present.

And wouldn't the Naughty or Not belief implied with the duty of Santa Claus bestowing presents only to those who were good the whole year a better method of teaching the children to behave and be a good boy/girl?

Well, I part my ranting and pondering now (before all of you get bored or starting to doze off from reading it) with merry wishes to those out there celebrating Christmas.

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