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Monday, 9 December 2013

My Little Island

I guess I'm finally back on my little island in RLC. The little island which I used to kept myself holed up before I was switched over to the mainland.

Hahahaha. I wonder if you could understand what I'm trying to say here.

Back on my little Island,
I am free to do as I please
Singing birds echoes through my ear
Bare-footed, I walked on sandy beaches

Back on my little Island,
I spent my time gazing at the nature's beauty
As if there's no boundary to what my eyes can marvel
Shirtless, I don't feel the snaky ties stuff me up

Back on my little Island,
I sat upon my rattan-tied throne
Enjoying this brief moment of bliss
While I keep sending out bottled notes out to the sea...

Hoping that one destined day,
I'll finally leave this little Island of mine
and traverse the vast open world...

p/s: If you can figure this one out, I'm going to give a present. I'm not BS-ing you guys.