Thursday, 5 December 2013

Terengganu : Y&Z Wedding | Part 1

Okay, I promised about Terengganu trip before right? If you count this one, this would be my second... no... wait... third time that I went over to a different state by my own (with friends of course). The first one was way back in 2009... if I'm not mistaken. Where I went to Malacca. Sorry... I've taken most of the old photos in the previous blog, so the only thing left are just the story. And the second time was when I went to Johor. There's two part of that entry : Part 1 & Part 2.

So, this time around is officially the third time I went out of KL to a different state. Which is to Terengganu.

Our destination? Marang. Why? It's ZACK & YANA'S WEDDING. Can you believe it? After Yona, these guys were one of the earliest people to get married after we had all finished our degree.

Who would've guessed, non? Anyway. Before everything, there was some crazy planning about the trip. We actually had planned the trip like three months earlier. This would be the first time that we actually did plan for a trip. Usually, it would be so spontaneous and in the moment. But seeing how both Faiz and I are finally living on our own money and all, we needed to save up and all. The first question was HOW to get to Terengganu. A couple of suggestion was thrown on the table but finally we went for renting a car instead. It did cost us quite a bit but we thought that it's for a good cause.

Thankfully, Yana had offered to take care of our lodgings in Terengganu, so we saved quite a lot from that. Thank you very much Yana! With that finally settled, we finally get our shits together and start our trip on the 22nd November this year. The wedding is on the 23rd. Our trip? Next entry coming up~ Hahahahaha!!!