Friday, 31 January 2014

Unify & My Family (Betty White Inspired)

Before I managed to get my own PS3, I was dead bored at my house since I moved out from Sentul and back to my grandparent's in Ampang. However, mid December last year, I've decided to install Unifi at my grandparent's so that I may  be able to surf online at home and also download movies on the torrent site.

Well... it's a basically a win-win situation. My grandma and my mom love the channel (especially the Islamic ones) and I wanted the internet connectivity. As a bonus, my grandma gets to use the landline that TM provided along with the Unifi package. And I tell you, she loves it.

She gets to call all of her relatives from Pahang, and a few others. But painfully, she uses it to call the relatives on their mobile number, and not their landlines. Nowadays, there's not many household that still have TM fixed landline anymore, so mobile it is. And with one cent per minute, you could guess how much each calls would be charged to my monthly Unifi bills. Normally, I won't mind. Because I originally did want to let her use it to her heart's content. But if each call would last up to 20 minutes and longer... you do the math. And she calls the relatives quite frequently.

But hey, I'm not regretting it or anything. I just wasn't expecting on the total usage though. Well, at least I'm glad for her. Connecting people is a real joy, non?

Besides, as long as I was able to use the internet wifi as I wanted, I am more than happy to pay for it and for everything that comes a long with it. It was really a more of a mix between a selfless act and a selfish act. Then which is it? How do you categorize it? A selfless act that seemed selfish when it is actually really selfless? Or a selfish act that seemed selfless but it was unrecognizable solely because the selfishness of the act coincides with the selflessness itself? My head is spinning.

By the way, this last image on my Betty White inspired post relates to my Mini Moya. Hahahaha. Actually, both of us can relate to the last gif (below).