Saturday, 8 February 2014

Facebook : Connecting People

My recent tweet got me thinking, if Facebook were really created as means to connect with other people, why does it feel like Facebook is really just another tool to showcase our life for other people to see and comment, not really connecting? This may come as an antisocial comment to you all but think about it.

Of course, if you think about it, there are some cases like old friends being able to finally re-connect with one another when they found each other on a mutual interest level. Let's say the both included 'School XXX' as their education background, and Facebook will automatically suggests some of the people who had done the same and eventually you're bound to lock on the same platform and finally reconnect. But what happens next?

In some cases, they would be reconnected and eventually meet up outside the social network. I would applaud Mark for that and I am also grateful for that as well. I might have also encountered the same experience.

But lately all I've been seeing on Facebook are people showcasing their life, their everyday updates, their frustrations/anger, and what-not. I'm not saying that is a wrong thing to do as we all have our rights to speak our mind of 'freedom of speech' as you may call it. But to what end?

At some point of our life, we began to think that not every answer or solution can be find on the net. Though I believe that some people would object to my statement, seeing how Google can answer almost any questions that you throw at them, and Youtube streaming tons of 'how-to' videos, as well as lots of internet journals/articles that can provide answers you seek. Not to mention some of your Facebook friends may have some experience in the situations that you asked and would be willing enough to provide you with the answers.

But is that the kind of connectivity that we seek? For argument's sake, it may be enough for some people. Maybe for some people, that is the only amount connectivity that they need from another individual. But if majority of the human population feels the same way, I fear for our doom in the future because sooner or later, we will become the generation of human being who doesn't know how to interact with other people in real life.

I have no objection to Facebook, Twitter, or even any type of social network platforms. Hell, if I do, I wouldn't be blogging. I would be jotting all of these in my actual journal. You know, in a book, with a pen. But that would defeat the purpose in blogging. As I find the act of typing to be a much preferable medium to conveying my thoughts than the actual form of writing. (On a different note, my penmanship sucks.... real bad.)