Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kickstart-ing 2014

With the ending of January 2014, I guess everyone can really start to sink their teeth into the reality of the new year and let all the festive mood sit aside for a moment. I, for one, have started to kickstart the year with some new resolutions. 

To start up, let's review my 2013 resolutions (which I can now finally cross it off!). As of today, I am finally clear of all debt and loans... well... except for my PTPTN loans. Which I don't know when I can start paying it off.

As for saving enough money to buy the things that I WANT... I've managed to get my own PS3 (hurray!!!) and a nice HD monitor to go along with it (though I wish I had bought an LCD one instead. Much more awesome to play games with... I guess?). The only thing that is missing is a new phone. I've been aiming for an HTC for quite some time already, but I haven't got the slightest clue on how to start saving up for it. Oh... oh... and a camera. Digital would be just fine. I ain't that rich to get myself a DSLR... though I am dying to have one.

As for the things that I actually NEED... I still haven't managed to spare enough cash to go to the dentist to get a full dental treatment because I ended up spending most of my hard-earn cash on binge-eating and on useless trinkets & junks.

Career wise.... hmm... that's a toughie. I did manage to hold out for more than six months in my current employment and by May this year, I would finally be able to say I have a one-year working experience in a fixed place. Not that that would do me any good though. It's not exactly a position that will help me in my target career. And yes... I really do plan to go back to teaching. I guess I just can't really shy away from what I was meant to do. TEACHING.

So... I guess it's time to break out some new resolutions. And here they are:-

- Save enough money to;
    a) Buy an HTC phone
    b) Buy a digital camera
    c) Get dentures and probably a full dental makeover
    d) Get furniture and do a makeover to my room

- Hold out for four (4) more months in RLC to be promoted to a permanent position

- Eating healthy (no more binge-eating and learn about portion control)

- Make an effort to exercise (any form of it) at least three times a week

- Learn to save money (and from over-spending)

Hmmm.... perhaps that should be it for now. Maybe if I have more unrealistic goals along the way, I'll add to it that list. 

As I am writing this... I'm half panicking because the cigarette that I tossed in the ashtray (while I was writing all these) have started to burn the rest of the cigarette butts in the tray and started a small fire.

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