Friday, 10 May 2013

Malaysian Manners

Something refreshing happened this morning when I just got back from work. As I was walking down the alley leading to my apartment, I saw three cute little kittens eating what looked like processed cat food out of a Styrofoam plate. I tried meowing to the kittens but out of the blue, a Chinese grandma who was walking nearby responded instead.

"Cute, aren't they?"

"Why, yes." I replied.

"I gave them this ... " while showing to me the used pack of cat food in her hands. 

"That's nice of you."

"Well, we can't simply just let them starve right? They are kittens after all."

I nodded. Before she left, she smiled to me and said,

"Well, good morning and have a very nice day."

Immediately without her noticing as she walks by, my lips widen and a smile was carved onto my face.

This incident reminded me of how ironic it is that some of our Malay people aren't too friendly with strangers (especially to their own kin) while people of other races can show even more kindness and generosity towards every other living creature (humans and animals alike).

As a Malay, sometimes I'm ashamed to admit that most of the rude people in this country majority are Malays. Why can't we learn to be kind and compassionate towards others? Even a simple smile would do, is that so hard to do?