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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


It has been almost six months since I last jot down anything in this blog of mine. As you can see, I've left it high and dry, almost barren without anything new. My last post was about how my life was stuck in a rut and with no way to go forward and all. But for the past two months, I've had some transition in my life. Few big ones actually.

I finally moved out from my house in Ampang and started to live on my own in a room I rented at Bandar Baru Sentul with my best friend, Faiz. He has been living here in Bandar Baru Sentul for a while now since he started working at the SKALI company as a translator. I tried out applying for the same job as him but I was turned down during my interview. Apparently, they thought I would be hard to train and pretty loose to be considered as someone who would commit to working for a long term. I wouldn't blame them, it's true.

But I've begun to turn a new leaf and try to fix myself from all of these habitual indecisiveness. I am now sure of myself to start looking for a professional career and hopefully stick to it. I do not wish to work for just a while, get bored and start to look for another job any more. I am determined to try and work things out and commit myself into working.

But job-hunting in Kuala Lumpur is really never that easy. Aside from a few bums out there who are lazy enough to look for jobs to support their life, there are thousands of unemployed graduates still looking for a professional job to make ends meet. That is why I haven't been lucky to find any jobs that I consider to be something that I am good at and stick with it.

Although I'm very picky and insanely choosy, I've decided on a fall back career if I am not able to find anything at all. My mom had always wanted me to become an educator, a teacher hopefully, but preferably a lecturer. She was jubilant to know that I've decided to follow on her wishes but I told her that I am going to try out other jobs first and if all else fails, I will finally step in to that plated shoes of her.

Well, here's hoping that I'd be lucky enough to find a career that I would finally fall in love with.