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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Job Hunting's A Bitch!

Whoever told you that finding a job is as easy as eating a piece of cake have never actually experience all of the frustrations of going to countless interviews and prepping up for each and one of them differently just to meet the requirements specified by the job provider. As a matter of fact, those kinds of people probably are those who were born into their jobs, have a strong "connection" to the people working at the company, or just simply lucky.

But here in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur, it is almost impossible to nail down a career without having to tumble down so many holes, slide through obstacles, or even sacrifice your self-worth. I may be exaggerating it way too much, but it is suffice to say that what I just portray isn't exactly as far-fetched as it seemed. This is because the job market in Malaysia is ................ a much more complex intricate meeting system than dating. I say this because to even score an interview with an employer, one needs to perform an extremely well job in 'beautifying' their resumes and pray that your resumes don't end up in the 'rejected' pile along with all of the other thousands and thousands of rejected applicants.

That's the other cruel reality that people in Kuala Lumpur had to face. There are way too many unemployed citizens in Malaysia. Be it graduates or undergraduates, there are probably tens of thousands of people or more, still seeking for employment to support their own life. Just imagine yourself submitting an application to become a receptionist, but there are 50 more doing the same thing, aiming for the same position which where the company will only hire one of you. Doesn't that just makes you irritated?

It's not enough that we need to compete with one another to get a job, there's also the factor of the employer themselves. It is freaking hard to please job provider these days. They require too much and hell of an too picky. They want us to 'impress' them so much that we would fall dead on our heads trying to win over their ridiculous expectations. 

They want us to look our best during the interview, show admirable comm skills when badgered with questions that sometimes doesn't really tell if you are capable for the work or not, and hope that we would remarkably astound them with our awesome self-worth presentation showmanship. All these are pure prejudice towards mankind. How can you expect a human to be perfect. There's always a slight imperfect in everyone. You can't expect every one of those applicants to be picture perfect. We ain't Barbie. Even Barbies have imperfections themselves.

But that is no excuse to not hire someone. Interviews are merely a test on how well you can lie about or sell yourself. You won't know how well someones does until they're actually on the job. You could always just hire those that show potential first, and if they're not doing well enough during the probation period, then by all means, sack 'em. Since interviews are just verbal abuse of eloquent speech, real work ethics and practicality can't be delivered without taking them on a test drive first. So, why don't employer just hire those applicants first and then decide whether they can shield the burden or not, rather than tossing them away at the first glance. 

There are several other ridiculous method or job hunting which is rumored to be way much easier, but most of them leads to online applications or job seeking websites. But honestly, these websites can't do much at all actually. As a matter of fact, it is much more difficult to score a job through only application. Some of the reasons why it is so much more difficult is because online applications uses the same dating algorithm calculations. I don't have to explain all that but you would know that it is purely one-sided, and it favors the job providers better. 

Well, I'm not going to score a job by ranting on and on about how difficult it is to find a job in this blog without even trying harder. The best advice anyone could give is not to give up and keep on looking. Til then, enjoy this comic strip uploaded by Oreo Husky Pup